San Gimignano  Dondoli world champion ice cream
Top Tips for the best “Gelato” in town
Gelateria Carraia, the gelato here is super creamy and soft. The display is also a feast for the eyes! The Delizia Carraia which has pieces of white chocolate and a sort of pistacchio sauce dribbled on top, coffee, and a mousse tiramisu’ which was super airy (maybe not very light as far as calories goes). Piazza Sauro Nazario, 25/R – Ponte alla Carraia (on the Oltrarno side) and Gelato Carraia 2 on Via dei Benci near Santa Croce.
The ice cream at Carapina is made with natural, high quality ingredients: only fresh, seasonal fruit, whole fresh milk, quality chocolate and coffee from central America. This small gelato shop opened a few years ago just a block from our office outside of the historical center and it has been a favorites for years. Then it finally opened a small shop downtown, between the Uffizi Gallery and Ponte Vecchio so many of you have likely experienced its delicious, fresh made gelato. Via Lambertesca, 18 and Piazza Oberdan, 2r.
The pastry/ice cream shop, Badiani is located on Via dei Mille close to the city stadium. Whether you’re at a soccer match or staying nearby, we recommend to stop here and try their famous “Buontalenti” flavor, a rich, cream gelato named after the 15th century Florentine architect who is said to have invented ice cream.
Perche No? Why Not – specialized in homemade gelato since 1939, they make their gelato with all natural ingredients, with vegan and soy options as well. Their coffee crunch and creamy milk-based gelato sweetened with honey and sesame seeds were quite a special treat! They have a special taste of the day from pine nuts, rose and English trifle to ginger, cheesecake, apple pie and green tea flavours.. Via dei Tavolini, 19-rosso 50122 Firenze.
When reading guide books about Florence, most of them indicate that the best gelato in Florence is to be found at Bar Vivoli. While it is said to be the oldest gelato shop in Florence (founded in 1929), it was first known as a cafe and meeting place for locals and then became famous for ice cream. Via Isole delle Stinche, 7r – near Santa Croce.